Move over Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.

As the future unfolds, these innovative piano solos will inspire, impress, and sweep you away on a sophisticated listening journey.

From sweet reflective melodies to percussive, riveting patterns, Jill crafts these compositions to perfection.

Piano solos

P.E.O. Founders Piano Solos at Illinois Convention

Past State President Karen Steward was kind enough to give me a quote, “When I was looking for music for the Convention of Illinois State Chapter in 2012, I ordered the CD “The Piano Solos: A Tribute to P.E.O. Founders” from Jill. She had composed and performed the CD and it was beyond my expectations!  I had a hard time deciding which beautiful melody I loved best!  I chose to use “Ella Stewart” as a processional and “Suela Pearson Penfield” as a recessional.  I still listen to my CD today and it still brings me peace and.  Thank you, Jill, for sharing your talents! “

Descendant of Hattie Briggs Bousquet

It has been my great pleasure to be in contact with Tammy Laird,

who is the Great Great Granddaughter of Hattie. She received the

Founder’s Sheet Music a number of years ago. Here is what she said,

” I was the pianist for the Kansas State Convention this past June. I shared all seven of the Founders pieces that you had composed. They were very well received…our Sisters loved them!! “

Thank you for the support Tammy!

New CD Release “Deck of Cards”

Here are 54 short tunes for each card.

Each Ace melody is a sassy quick catchy theme.

The 2s are quiet and tender.

The 3s are lovely and expansive.

The 4s are intelligent and intricate.

The 5s are slow and beautiful.

The 6s are romantic and pensive.

The 7s are interesting and involved.

The 8s are poignant and delicate.

The 9s are mysterious and dramatic. The 10s are spicy and fun.

The Jacks have a jazz flavor.

The Queens are amazing and touching.

The Kings are majestic and regal.

The Colorful Joker is very whimsical and playful.

The Black and White Joker is the grand Finale!

Tampa Bay, Here I come!

I’m looking forward to going to visit my P.E.O. sisters in Tampa Bay, Florida and giving a concert on February 17th.

This will be the third state that I perform the Founder’s Program, Washington and Pennsylvania being the other two.

An additional bonus is that I will be staying with a descendant of Alice Bird Babb, one of the founders!

“Classic Characters In Literature” Album Release

These ten dramatic piano solos capture the essence of beloved characters in literature.
From the high energy of young Amy, to the poignant melancholy of Beth, to the riveting
gallop of spirited Jo, to the sophisticated beauty of Meg, these songs emulate The Little Women. Minnehaha, Evangeline and Ramona works unfold their epic tragedies.
And finally, from The Yearling, from a delicate cripple neighbor boy to the giant grizzly bear, to the daunting storm, these spectacular piano works will leave the listener inspired.

The CD “The Piano Solos: A Tribute to P.E.O. Founders” is now available on this website

A collection of piano solos with a variety of styles including :Classical,
Contemporary, a March and the Roaring 20s. There are also some very
peaceful quieter composition.Some uses for these songs are: giving Founder’s Day Program,
being played at initiations and many of these songs have been played at State Conventions!

Cost of the CD is $15 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling. Please contact Jill with orders or

questions. Thank you!