Jill has extensively toured the United States as a professional pianist. From the famed Roosevelt Hotel in New York City to the Horton Plaza in San Diego. Presently residing in Seattle, she creates piano compositions with the influence of Mozart combined with the flavor of John Williams, Chopin with a little Andrew Llyod Webber, Beethoven collaborating with Hans Zimmer. With a unique style all her own, Jill forges to the future to leave a valuable contribution to the music world.


Private piano, guitar, flute, or ukulele lessons in your home are $60 for a thirty minute lesson. Weekly lessons are scheduled and the Kremer Music Calendar consist of 48 lessons per year. Two Recitals are given a year and attendance is optional.

Jill has a Bachelor of Music Education from SUNY Fredonia, NY and has 30 years of teaching experience. She received the Teacher of the Year Award two years in a row from Yamaha School of Music at Green Music in San Diego, CA.

P.E.O. Founder's Piano Concert

The concert is 40 minutes in length. Seven piano solos are performed with brief descriptions of each Founder. The cost of the concert is $300 plus travel expenses.

Jill was the Convention pianist at the P.E.O. Sesquicentennial in Des Moines, Iowa in September 2019, where she played a medley of the piano solos. This concert has also been well received in Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and all over Washington State. An Article was written about the CD in the January - February 2013 P.E.O. Record. Sheet music is also available.