Move over Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.

As the future unfolds, these innovative piano solos will inspire, impress, and sweep you away on a sophisticated listening journey.

From sweet reflective melodies to percussive, riveting patterns, Jill crafts these compositions to perfection.

New CD Release “More Wave Etudes”

This second collection of Wave Etudes will leave the listener quite satisfied. Between the tranquility of “Peacefulness”, the edgy darkness of “Turmoil” and the awe inspiring magic of “Believe”, these mini piano solos cover the spectrum of musical categories. To have a listen, please click the link above and enjoy!

Women of France

Eight years in the making! Here are “The Woman of France”.

From Joan of Arc leading the troops into battle,to Marie Curie, in a Baroque

style, to Marie Antoinette with all the classics of Mozart. This unique mix

of woman will not disappoint. Including the fictional character, Madame

Bovary, to the mysterious Josephine Baker. This collection of piano solos will captivate its listener. The haunting themes of Josephine Bonaparte

and the elusive Madame X are memorable and beautiful. At the end of this

grand parade of women is “The Unknown Burlesque Dancer” which combines a show stopping tune with a poignant slower section. Enjoy!

Accepting new students for September 2020

Music should be fun, and with 30 years teaching experience

the lessons are crafted toward the students’ interest.

Thirty minute lessons are $60 and any style of music can be

taught: jazz, popular, classical etc.

Piano, flute, guitar or ukulele lessons are offered.

Limited space available.

The Irish Catholic Lass tells her tale of “Nara: The Buddha”

In this time of trouble, I have turned to my composing for peace of mind. Recently deciding to continue work on my CD “Japan : The Trip”, thoughts of visiting Nara, Japan in 2011 surfaced. While on a bus approaching the temple where the Buddha is housed, many deer can be seen over the fields. This is how I chose to begin the piano solo. That night, I shared this information with my husband. (Hold on to your hat for this next part!)

The next morning, my husband was thunder struck as he sat in our living room and watched three grown does walk down the street into our front lawn. They looked at him, then proceeded down the street. In 20 years living in Shoreline, we have NEVER seen a deer. I related this tale to my daughter, who had traveled to Nara with me. She replies,”The deer symbolize messengers of God.” This entire experience has given me great comfort.