Move over Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven.

As the future unfolds, these innovative piano solos will inspire, impress, and sweep you away on a sophisticated listening journey.

From sweet reflective melodies to percussive, riveting patterns, Jill crafts these compositions to perfection.


P.E.O. Founders’ Music 2016 and beyond

Vancouver, WA.               February 13, 2016                 SW Washington Reciprocity Luncheon

Bellingham, WA.             March 12, 2016           Whatcom County Founders’ Day Celebration

Spokane, WA.                  June 3, 2016                            Washington State Convention

Ellensburg, WA.              October 15, 2016                    Central Washington Reciprocity

Pittsburgh, PA.                October 22, 2016                    Founders’ Day Concert

Tacoma, WA.                   June 1, 2017                             Washington State Convention

New album release “A Song for Every Rose”

Here are fresh new original piano solos for 2015 which portray different moods and styles.
The “Princess Di Roses” solo is a poignant, lush, haunting composition.
“Rose Buds” makes for a perfect lullaby and “Rose Petals” is a grand waltz which is
sure to set your toe a tapping.
These ten piano solos are also presently available on I tunes.
click here for link to the Rose CD on CDBaby

Prism of Sounds

My latest album released is “Prism of Sounds”. It literally has a dramatic piano solo for every color of the rainbow. Those of you who are familiar with the “Journey to Japan” album will recognize the yellow, green and blue compositions. The new solos on this album are exciting, fresh and riveting. “Majestic Purple” sounds like wild horses charging over a mountain range at the last moment of twilight. “Indigo Stripes” innovates with triumphant grace. The “Orange Splattered Ragtime” takes you to the 1920’s speakeasy. For the grand finally, “Firework Red Etude” likens itself to an authentic Firework show.Full piano runs racing up the piano and exploding into what sounds like breathtaking visions and spectacular lights. You can almost hear the oohs and aah s!